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Sexual Advice's Journal

Sunday, November 16, 2008

2:18PM - ok

me and my boyfriend have been going out for several months, and i feel really confortable around him. ive given him lots of hand jobs and hes fingered me, but ive never given him a blow job...

last night he asked for one, and i chickened out and was like "i have to leave soon"...its not that im not comfortable around him,  i just dont know what im suppose to do and im worried it will suck!(no pun intended). do i basically do the same thing with my mouth that i would do with my hand? what are some basic things to do for my first time, and then maybe some things to make it better once i have more experience? what are some things i should be careful of or some thing that will make it easier on me?
hes gone down on me, so i want to reciprocate, i just dont know what do do with my mouth, tongue, etc....

Sunday, August 31, 2008

2:53PM - Clearing the Air

Ok, ok - I reread the introductory post I put out there.  It does come off as a bit obnoxious.  That wasn't my intent at all, but sometimes the message gets lost when you are too close to the subject.  I apologize to those who politely pointed out that it was a bit too... annoying.  To those who weren't polite, well, fnd something better to do than be rude to total strangers that have nothing to do with you.

Anyways, to find a way to let people see more accurately what we're trying to say, the Girl wrote a post on our journal.


So, we are still taking topic ideas, requests for advice, comments, and personal stories from other couples.  On Monday, we will post in regard to what comes in over the weekend.  If we don't get much response, we'll just pick some stuff to talk about and go from there.  We both hope that those of you who like this site, please let us know how to make it more appealing to you - and those who don't like this site, please go somewhere else and do it politely.  Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

4:06PM - I'd Like To ntroduce... Us!

I am the Boy, and sitting next to me is my sweet girl, the Girl.

We have started a journal that will revolve around the silly notion that has been presented to us by so many people - that we are the perfect couple. Now, obviously, there is no perfect couple, and we don't claim to be one. All our friends and relatives, though, seem to look at us and see something they want.

We don't entirely understand it, but we do recognize that our relationship is something extremely rare, and tremendously special. So, in the spirit of open communication and community, we have decided to put our life into the spotlight so that others can see how we really are together.

Our journal is a sounding board for people who want advice, a diary for our admittedly odd and quirky lives as a couple, a soapbox for our beliefs on what it takes to be happy with another person, and lastly a forum to discuss all aspects of living a life in this insane world with someone by your side.

Our main journal is at: http://thatcouple.wordpress.com/

You can comment on either site, and can always ask for advice, give any, suggest post topics, and anything else you'd like to say. A last option for communicating with the Boy and the Girl is to email us at that_couple@yahoo.com

We are so excited to start this, and will be posting quite often and regularly, so take a look and keep checking back for new content. Now, go kiss your sweetie!

(x-posted)  (all future posts will be lj-cutted)

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Monday, August 25, 2008

3:33AM - columnist community!

If you are an advice column, please consider joining a community specifically for columnists. We are fairly new and small right now, looking to expand. We are friendly and, obviously, helpful. Our community is not for GIVING or GETTING advice but it is for us columnists who just want to relax and discuss our lives, our work, and how we go about doing our advising.


We would love to see you join. :) And we would especially love if you decided to send us a link to your column, because we have a special section designed to allow other LJ users to find you for advice! :)

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

3:56PM - Advice anyone? Promoting

Yes, I am trying to promote a new advice community, sorry if it gets on anyone's nerves...under the LJ-Cut below!:

Advice Columns?!Collapse )

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

11:26PM - who knows

     I'm a upper classmen in high school, me and one of my best guy friends have liked each other for a while (you can just tell from how we act).  Both of us have gone as far as you can without actually having intercourse, but not with each other.
     We're always joking about sexual stuff, but sometimes I think he really means it but says it in that safe way incase I didn't want it.

     Anyway...the question is, I'm not the type of person who would EVER make a first move, but what can I say or try to do to get things going?


Monday, February 19, 2007

1:28AM - Messy situation that's getting worse.

Semi details from Friday night and questions about fuckbuddying.Collapse )

Sunday, February 11, 2007

8:26PM - advice?

okay my boyfriend lives like 3 hours away from me, maybe abit more.
he never comes down to see me..so i have to go up there.
i go there like 4-8 times a month, depending on when i can get the money..well its not enough for him.
i'm sixteen, i dropped out of school & i don't have a job so i can't go up there as often as he would like.
anyways we fight A LOT over this, but we make it up in the end.
but once i fell asleep and when i woke up he was using my hand to touch his penis and he was touching my boobs.
and yesterday in his room he was telling me how he likes leather, choking, beating, etc.
then we were making out and he started choking me and it was kind of uncomfortable and he did it really hard now my neck is bruised.
he also grabs my boobs REALLY hard, i can see bursted veins :(
should i be worried or is it just some kind of fetish?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

10:54PM - HELP?

Okay,so I'm a lesbian...and I've got a few questions...

1.What is the best way to give another female oral sex?

2.What are some good sexual positions that two lesbians can try?

And my friend wants to know this one:

What is the best way to give a man oral sex? What exzactly do you do?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

11:17AM - Threesome

My SO and I are planning a threesome with another chick, and honestly I am a bit nervous about it. Its not that I don't want to do it, it's just that its a new experience. Any ideas on what to do would be helpful, as this would be my first threesome.

Thanks in advance.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


my boyfriend and i have been together for quite some time now, and i think i'm ready to have sex. i'm just nervous, because i don't know how i'm supposed to shave my pubic hair. i don't want to be too hairy!

what do most guys like?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

7:04PM - vertical lip piercing worry...

hey all, i dont know if this goes here but i recently got a vertical lip piercing, i love it, but my husband doesnt, he knows it means no kissing or oral for a while. what i was wonderign is what are some other intameate activities that we can do in the meanwhile. i just dont want him to feel neglected during the healing time.

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Monday, June 26, 2006


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

12:26PM - HPV vaccine

Please excuse this brief public service announcement.

I've just noticed that the CDC licensed an HPV vaccine last week. This is a really good thing. http://www.cdc.gov/STD/HPV/STDFact-HPV-vaccine.htm

It's currently only approved for girls, aged 9-26. Boys are in trials, as are other age groups, (presumably). If you are, or parent a girl in this age group, I'd like to personally urge you to read more about the HPV vaccine to determine whether it is appropriate for you or your daughter.

Thank you for reading.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

10:26PM - more orgasam difficulties

ok, this is weird, and i know i posted about my inability to come very much, but i usually come when im on top, but sometimes i dont want to be on top, but i always want to reach that peak, and get that release, but i just cant in any other position. dotn get me wrong, i love to be on top and my bf loves it too, but sometimes i jsut want to relax and let him pleasure me, and he and i both feel bad when i cant umm, get what i need and he wants to give me.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

12:25PM - crazy question.

ok, i have a crazy question. my bf likes to urinate inside me during intercourse. and he likes me to urinate on him as well. am i the only one turned on by this? is this healthy?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Okay i know this may sound like a really stupid question but can a guy cum if hes not hard??

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


For a a few weeks now i have been able to deep throat, but not for very long. i know my boyfriend enjoys it, what guy doesn't, so i want to find out how to deep throat for longer. Tips would be useful.

Monday, December 5, 2005

8:49PM - Postion...and giving head.

Saturday night my man and I decided to try something new. We did doggy style for the first time for both of us. Which is fine by me because I was never on top until him and we are very open. But it didn't feel as good as I thought it would. Granted I had an orgasm(due from my ability to reach and stimulate my clit) and that never happens DURING sex he gives me one after hes done(so no hes not being selfish girls!). He said he liked it, his penis glided in easier(he said). The only problem was it hurt my back and he said im a bit too tall for it. im about an inch taller but have much longer legs than him. Now my question is, should we experiment with different ways of doing doggy style or try again with the same way, rather than just decide that I dont like it. Meaning basically; is one time really enough to decide wether or not I like a positon?

Also what are some easier but different positions? I'm kind of scared of hurting myself or him. So far we have done missionary, girl on top with my knees at his side with him laying down and him sitting up and then that one time doing doggy. That is it. and we both want to try some new ways.

I have never gone down on a guy. My man always goes down on me and seems to love it. I just want some pointers. I used to say I never would give a guy head but im getting better and more comfortable with the idea. and since my folks will be out of town so we wont have to worry, I want to try something new. Can you guys give me any pointers for a first time giver?

heres a little rant: My parents are going out of town soon, i live at home im 17 and even my little brother might be going with them! But no of course I have to get my period THIS week. I should not have skipped last month and just skipped this month! Urgh haha.

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