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Postion...and giving head.

Saturday night my man and I decided to try something new. We did doggy style for the first time for both of us. Which is fine by me because I was never on top until him and we are very open. But it didn't feel as good as I thought it would. Granted I had an orgasm(due from my ability to reach and stimulate my clit) and that never happens DURING sex he gives me one after hes done(so no hes not being selfish girls!). He said he liked it, his penis glided in easier(he said). The only problem was it hurt my back and he said im a bit too tall for it. im about an inch taller but have much longer legs than him. Now my question is, should we experiment with different ways of doing doggy style or try again with the same way, rather than just decide that I dont like it. Meaning basically; is one time really enough to decide wether or not I like a positon?

Also what are some easier but different positions? I'm kind of scared of hurting myself or him. So far we have done missionary, girl on top with my knees at his side with him laying down and him sitting up and then that one time doing doggy. That is it. and we both want to try some new ways.

I have never gone down on a guy. My man always goes down on me and seems to love it. I just want some pointers. I used to say I never would give a guy head but im getting better and more comfortable with the idea. and since my folks will be out of town so we wont have to worry, I want to try something new. Can you guys give me any pointers for a first time giver?

heres a little rant: My parents are going out of town soon, i live at home im 17 and even my little brother might be going with them! But no of course I have to get my period THIS week. I should not have skipped last month and just skipped this month! Urgh haha.

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