Living Dead Girl -Zombie Sushi in the pond of life (lizziinvisigoth) wrote in sexualadvice,
Living Dead Girl -Zombie Sushi in the pond of life

crazy question.

ok, i have a crazy question. my bf likes to urinate inside me during intercourse. and he likes me to urinate on him as well. am i the only one turned on by this? is this healthy?
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Well, I can't think of anything dangerous about it other than that, if he's able to urinate inside you, that means you're having barrier-free sex, which brings about the risk of pregnancy, herpes, and what-have-you, but duh.

As far as you two being the only people in the world who are into pee, nope, check the internet, I'm sure there must be some kind of forum or chat group or whatever it is that the kids are doing these days instead of oh my back I feel so old Oy Gevalt.
well we are commited to eachother and have been for over a year, also i should have said he was my fieance, since we are engaged to be married in october.
So long as you both agree to it, I don't see any problems. Urine is damned near sterile, I hear. So not much risk of infection there.