Mii (mii_space_chan) wrote in sexualadvice,


Okay,so I'm a lesbian...and I've got a few questions...

1.What is the best way to give another female oral sex?

2.What are some good sexual positions that two lesbians can try?

And my friend wants to know this one:

What is the best way to give a man oral sex? What exzactly do you do?

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1) It's a delightful puzzle. First, find out through extensive making out what the happy noises sound like. Then, when going down, listen for them and follow them!

2) Tribadism is great. That is basically the act of straddling each other's thighs and grinding for fun and profit.

3) Going down on a man is more complicated than the hype would indicate. I don't have a formula other than the one I gave for going down on women. Try Dr. Ducky Doolittle for great advice. She gives workshops on it and stuff. Wowzers!