odd how people shake. (_______junkmail) wrote in sexualadvice,
odd how people shake.


okay my boyfriend lives like 3 hours away from me, maybe abit more.
he never comes down to see me..so i have to go up there.
i go there like 4-8 times a month, depending on when i can get the money..well its not enough for him.
i'm sixteen, i dropped out of school & i don't have a job so i can't go up there as often as he would like.
anyways we fight A LOT over this, but we make it up in the end.
but once i fell asleep and when i woke up he was using my hand to touch his penis and he was touching my boobs.
and yesterday in his room he was telling me how he likes leather, choking, beating, etc.
then we were making out and he started choking me and it was kind of uncomfortable and he did it really hard now my neck is bruised.
he also grabs my boobs REALLY hard, i can see bursted veins :(
should i be worried or is it just some kind of fetish?
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