that_couple (that_couple) wrote in sexualadvice,

Clearing the Air

Ok, ok - I reread the introductory post I put out there.  It does come off as a bit obnoxious.  That wasn't my intent at all, but sometimes the message gets lost when you are too close to the subject.  I apologize to those who politely pointed out that it was a bit too... annoying.  To those who weren't polite, well, fnd something better to do than be rude to total strangers that have nothing to do with you.

Anyways, to find a way to let people see more accurately what we're trying to say, the Girl wrote a post on our journal.

So, we are still taking topic ideas, requests for advice, comments, and personal stories from other couples.  On Monday, we will post in regard to what comes in over the weekend.  If we don't get much response, we'll just pick some stuff to talk about and go from there.  We both hope that those of you who like this site, please let us know how to make it more appealing to you - and those who don't like this site, please go somewhere else and do it politely.  Thanks for reading!
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