trevi4956 (wildthing4956) wrote in sexualadvice,


me and my boyfriend have been going out for several months, and i feel really confortable around him. ive given him lots of hand jobs and hes fingered me, but ive never given him a blow job...

last night he asked for one, and i chickened out and was like "i have to leave soon"...its not that im not comfortable around him,  i just dont know what im suppose to do and im worried it will suck!(no pun intended). do i basically do the same thing with my mouth that i would do with my hand? what are some basic things to do for my first time, and then maybe some things to make it better once i have more experience? what are some things i should be careful of or some thing that will make it easier on me?
hes gone down on me, so i want to reciprocate, i just dont know what do do with my mouth, tongue, etc....

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