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me and my boyfriend have been going out for several months, and i feel really confortable around him. ive given him lots of hand jobs and hes fingered me, but ive never given him a blow job...

last night he asked for one, and i chickened out and was like "i have to leave soon"...its not that im not comfortable around him,  i just dont know what im suppose to do and im worried it will suck!(no pun intended). do i basically do the same thing with my mouth that i would do with my hand? what are some basic things to do for my first time, and then maybe some things to make it better once i have more experience? what are some things i should be careful of or some thing that will make it easier on me?
hes gone down on me, so i want to reciprocate, i just dont know what do do with my mouth, tongue, etc....

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First, relax. There are no bad blow jobs, only better, but never bad.

As for technique, just act like you really want to do it. Treat it like something enjoyable, and it will be. The control you have over the other person when giving head is a rush.

Just pay attention to his reaction to everything you do, and keep going back to the things that make him gasp or moan. I say 'going back' for a reason. Vary things. Lick, suck, pump up and down, run your toungue back and forth over the bottom of his cock while it is in your mouth, anything you can think of will be good.

If you aren't too shy about it, *gently* rub his balls in a hand while blowing him, and even lick them.

Truth? Watch some has a lot of different videos, and it is free to use. Look for the videos that are less, well, polished. Ones that look like people just having fun. Then find one with a blow job where there is more than just pumping up and down, where the girl looks like she treats it as a toy, or a creamsickle (no pun intended).

To summarize, just have fun. He will enjoy it. And you will continue to find what works for him over time.